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Just as the magician reveals the conclusion of a magic trick, Patanjali reveals the consequences of yoga. When the vritti of the citta ceases then the Seer  is revealed to itself.

sva rupe can be translated as “our own form” not our physical form but the form of the seer.

‘vasthanam contains the root ‘sth’ which forms the basis for ‘stand’, as in samasthiti. Here it is to denote the firm standing, and total comfort of the drastr the seer, in it’s own form.

The Seer in this context is consciousness or Purusa, that which resides as the essence of being. Baring in mind Patanjlai’s roots are in a dualistic system of philosophy there is the sense that mind as matter is separate form consciousness. This separation, is the cause of suffering. When the mind can be still there is no separation as our awareness is full of the realisation of consciousness. It is a moment of pure bliss, of total quietude. A moment which with practice can become longer and more substantial.

Thus ultimately yoga brings about the cessation of suffering through the revelation of our true form, as  formless perfect consciousness.





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